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Industrial Water Services

Industrial Water Services

PPM process provides custom solutions for the biotech, life science & pharmaceutical industry. our products include custom tanks, vessels, fittings and systems for GMP and R&D facilities. our designs are based on years of experience in the field improving manufacturing and R&D processes.

Waste Water Treatment: We provide water treatment products and services. We specialize in the design, operation, and maintenance of laboratory wastewater treatment systems a life science industry. Including pH neutralization systems, acid waste lift stations, cell treatment systems

Process Solutions: Our process solutions include custom fittings, cabinets, tubing assemblies, carboys, tanks/vessels and mixers used for GMP and R&D mixing application and processes. We can design a new process or complete/improve an existing one.

Custom Cabinets: Our custom cabinets and enclosures are designed to increase safety and reduce operator exposure. We have designed cabinets for storage, venting fumes, chemical injection and more.

updated: 12 months ago