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About AJB Lab Planning LLC

About AJB Lab Planning LLC

AJB Consultants, a lab planning tradition since 2001, has fine-tuned the lab planning practice with vision and insight. With that in mind, we are changing our name to reflect those skills. AJB Lab Planning LLC, is a facilities consultancy firm that has worked successfully with dozens of biotechnology and biomedical clients both locally in New England and across the United States. We bring to our clients the most recent trends in an ever-changing environment of the biomedical industry.

Our clients value us for being able to translate the science and business needs of a growing biotechnology company into successful design and engineering requirements. The process starts with an in-depth discussion with your company’s management team to understand both the short and long term goals of your company. We can then evaluate the proposed site (s) for fit and feasibility: custom design and program space appropriately to meet your objectives; estimate the upfront budget required to build out the space; and provide estimated post-construction operations costs. We will eliminate the apprehension of choosing unsuitable design choices, and construction values that do not meet your research needs. We work closely with landlords, architects, and contractors alike, but as “owners’ reps” we specifically represent the interests of your company.

If your company is seeking its first lab, relocating or expanding its present facility, you likely need an experienced, knowledgeable client representative. I do hope you will consider giving AJB Lab Planning LLC the opportunity to bring our extensive experience in facilities operation, space programming and construction knowledge that will add value to your project.

updated: 10 months ago