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Project Design Evaluation for Your Fit Plan

Lab Facilities Planning and Project Management

AJB Consultants, Inc. as the clients’ representatives provides the client with the crucial design connections between their vision and a fully realized effective facility. We provide design strategies that streamline the build-out or expansion for start-ups or established biotechnology or pharmaceutical companies looking for experienced lab planners that support good lab practice flow.

Below is an example of the project design evaluation we will do for your fit plan

Please review the minimum design parameters and space standards listed below. These are guidelines along with other basic information related to the fulfillment of the organization’s objectives. This document is focused on the mechanical, electrical & plumbing (MEPs) requirement. I am providing the following as a guideline for the landlords suggested build out.

  1. Biology Lab, BL2
  2. Science & Business Office areas
  3. Building Operational Area

Minimum Requirements per Space Type
Biology Lab, BL2

  1. Biology lab space designated at BL-2 should have an air exchange rate of 6 AC/HR of Outside Air supplied by the building HVAC system. Filtration should be an integral component of the AHU at 65% to 85% bag or box type.
  2. Maintain a temperature of 72 degrees (+/- 2 degrees) winter and summer with an outside design of 91 Deg WB & 74 Deg DB. No humidity controls, but provide some ability to dehumidify with reheat at all VAV boxes (interior and exterior).
  3. Rolled seamless floor covering with welded seams and integral 4" self coved wall base cove.
  4. Vinyl coated gypsum-ceiling tiles in full size ceiling grid. Walls should be 5/8 gypsum primer and two coats of eggshell.
  5. Equipment areas should have electrical distribution at 8 to 10 watts per Square Foot, with adequate circuits of expansion
  6. Light levels Labs: 65 to 80 foot-candle using lensed fixtures
  7. A Chemical Waste Storage Room with proper ventilation, grounding bar, vapor proof lighting and adequate spill containment. Epoxy flooring is recommended.
  8. A full NFPA Fire Zone should be available for our sole use
  9. Provide emergency power from a local generator at a minimum of 3 watts per square foot.
  10. Provide local or common access to a pH neutralization system for all lab discharge point. A previously installed and permitted MWRA system is preferable.

updated: 7 months ago